Journey Name: California Zephyr Experience  |  Journey Duration: Upto 3 days
Long considered one of the most scenic routes in the United States, the California Zephyr takes you from Chicago to San Francisco by way of the spectacular Rockies and Sierras. Natural beauty so spectacular it takes your breath away - on a dazzling ride that touches the sky! 
Train Departure Schedule :
January - March
April - June
July - September
October - December
Journey Dates :
Places Covered:
Chicago, Burlington, Omaha, Denver, Glenwood Springs, Salt Lake City, Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area
Day to Day Itinerary:

Day One

Arrive at Chicago's historic Union Station for your afternoon departure. For those passengers with sleeping accommodations, check into Amtrak's First Class Metropolitan Lounge. Once onboard the famous California Zephyr, settle into your private sleeping room as you begin your 2300 mile journey to San Francisco. After settling in, you may want to visit the glass-walled Observation Car or head to the Lounge Car to meet some new friends. Enjoy dinner in the Dining Car as you cross the mighty Mississippi River. All meals on the train are included for sleeping car occupants. Departs daily from Chicago, Illinois: 2:00PM.

Day Two

This morning wake up to a magnificent view of the Colorado Rockies on the horizon. Enjoy your breakfast in the dining car as the Zephyr climbs the front range of the Rockies and heads toward the Great Continental Divide. Be sure to look for wild-life when passing through the ski resort town of Winter Park, Colorado. Continue to take in awe-inspiring scenery and canyons through late afternoon. On board you will enjoy lunch and dinner.

Day Three

Today begins the final leg of your journey West as the Zephyr climbs from Nevada to California. By mid-morning, the train arrives in the "The Biggest Little City in the World" of Reno, Nevada. As you cross the border from Nevada into California your climb through the legendary Donner Pass, the high point in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Arrival into Emeryville is scheduled for early evening.


Total journey time: 51 hours and 20 minutes


Accommodation Type


Reserved Coach Seat

USD 169

Superliner Roomette

USD 530

Superliner Bedroom

USD 990

  • 2 nights travel on the California Zephyr
  • All meals on board for the Roomette & Bedroom passengers 
Route Map
  • A unique journey crossing the continental USA
  • Magnificent views of the Colorado Rockies 
  • Awe-inspiring scenery of the Gore, Byers and Glenwood canyons
  • Climb through the legendary Donner Pass, the high point in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • An opportunity to see wildlife when passing through the ski town of Winter Park
  • Stunning views of the Truckee River