California Zephyr Experience

  • Train : California Zephyr
  • Duration : Upto 3 days
California Zephyr Experience
Journey Highlights
  • A unique journey crossing the continental USA
  • Magnificent views of the Colorado Rockies 
  • Awe-inspiring scenery of the Gore, Byers and Glenwood canyons
  • Climb through the legendary Donner Pass, the high point in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • An opportunity to see wildlife when passing through the ski town of Winter Park
  • Stunning views of the Truckee River
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Long considered one of the most scenic routes in the United States, the California Zephyr takes you from Chicago to San Francisco by way of the spectacular Rockies and Sierras. Natural beauty so spectacular it takes your breath away - on a dazzling ride that touches the sky! 

Train Departure Schedule

  • 2024 : January - March , April - June , July - September , October - December

Places Covered

Chicago, Burlington, Omaha, Denver, Glenwood Springs, Salt Lake City, Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area



  • 2 nights travel on the California Zephyr
  • All meals on board for the Roomette & Bedroom passengers 
  • Saver Fares are the lowest available and deeply-discounted fares, and require advance purchase. Saver Fares are limited.
  • 100% refundable within 24 hours of purchase; no cancel fee; no change fee  24 hours after purchase: Non-refundable, no changes or upgrades allowed.


  •  Available on all Amtrak routes, Value Fares are the regular rate for fares and offer several refund options. Value Fares are limited.
  • 100% refundable 15 or more days prior to departure; no cancel fee; no change fee
  • 14 or less days prior to departure: 25% cancel fee or 15% change fee.
  • Change fee waived for Select Executive members.
  • Unreserved: 25% cancel fee 1 hour after purchase; no change fee


  • Flexible Fares, ideal if your plans change, are fully refundable and modifiable without cancellation fees.
  • 100% refundable prior to departure; no cancel fee; no change fee
  • Premium services include Acela First Class: an upscale travel experience, and private rooms: available on most long-distance routes.
  • Meals included