Caledonian Sleeper

London - Scotland

  • Journey name: London - Scotland  
  • Duration: Scenic Day Trips


It's the most civilised, romantic, time-effective & environmentally-friendly way to travel from central London to the heart of Scotland. For the English, the sleeper is the ideal travel option for a stress-free weekend in the Highlands or business meeting in Scotland, avoiding a short-haul flight and its disproportionate contribution to global warming.

The train travels from London to Aberdeen, Inverness and Fort William and vice versa. The train travels daily in each direction, except Saturday.

Train Departure Schedule:

2016 : January - March , April - June , July - September , October - December

Journey Dates:

  • Daily overnight journey (except Saturday) in each direction. 

Places Covered:

London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Fort WIlliam

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  • Seat Fare 
  • Morning Tea or Coffee 

Route Map

  • Travel overnight and arrive refreshed at your destination the next morning 
  • A cost effective and environmentally-friendly way of travelling 
  • Comfortable air-conditioned single or twin berth cabins, as well as seated accommodation
  • An excellent lounge car where you can stretch your legs before bed, enjoy a light snack, hot or cold drink or even a nightcap 
  • Stunning wilderness scenery that creates an experience beyond simply taking a train journey