Indian Pacific

Perth - Adelaide - Sydney

  • Journey name: Perth - Adelaide - Sydney  
  • Duration: Upto 5 days


Sit back and watch Australia’s timeless landscapes fly by your window on this epic train trip. Board at Sydney and hop off for whistlestop tours of Broken Hill, Adelaide and gold-rich Kalgoorlie. Or join in Perth and cut the continent the other way, from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. Pass through the spectacular Blue Mountains, stop in the remote outpost of Cook and travel almost 500 kilometres through the stark Nullarbor Plain. Whatever your direction, you’ll wake to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, watch fiery sunsets and fall asleep to the train’s rhythmic sway.

Train Departure Schedule:

2020 : April - June , July - September , October - December 2021 : January - March

Journey Dates:


    Perth – Adelaide – Sydney

    Operates  All Year  






    Sun – 10.00 am

    Nullarbor Plain

    Mon – 8.50 pm

    Mon – 12.01 am


    Mon – 11.10 am

    Mon – 1.10 pm


    Tues – 7.20 am

    Tues – 10.15 am

    Broken Hill

    Tues – 5.25 pm

    Tues –  6.55 pm

    Sydney(APR – AUG 2020)

    Wed – 12.00 pm


    Sydney(SEP ‘20 – MAR ‘21)

    Wed – 03.15 pm




Places Covered:

Perth, Kalgoorlie, Adelaide, Broken Hill, Sydney

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  • Accommodation
  • All Meals (except in Red Service)
  • Fuel Price surcharge
  • GST  

Terms and Conditions:

  • All fares are inclusive of a fuel price surcharge.
  • Return fares are generally double the one-way fare
  • All fares are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of GST
  • One change permitted with an amendment fee payable.

Route Map


  • Named after the two great oceans in joins
  • One of the world's great travel experiences
  • An opportunity to watch Australia's timeless landscapes fly by
  • A regionally-inspired menu paired with a selection of local wines
  • Off train experiences in Broken Hill, Adelaide and surrounds, Cook, Rawlinna and Perth