Tohuku Shinkansen : Tokyo - Aomori

  • Train : Shinkansen
  • Duration : Scenic Day Trips
Tohuku Shinkansen : Tokyo - Aomori
Journey Highlights
  • A unique experience of travelling in one of the worlds’ fastest trains.
  • Cost Effective way of travelling in Japan
  • Can be used as part of the Japan Rail Pass
  • Fast, Punctual, Comfortable, Spacious and Efficient
  • Similar to flying within Japan, but with the advantage that you start and end right in the middle of the city.
  • Overview
The Tohoku Shinkansen is a shinkansen line that connects Tokyo with Aomori at the northern tip of Honshu. The Tohoku Shinkansen is operated by the East Japan Railway Company, commonly known as JR East.
Two branch lines, the Akita Shinkansen and the Yamagata Shinkansen provide shinkansen connections to the prefectures after which they are named. Unlike regular shinkansen lines, these two branch lines use the tracks of existing train lines, employ somewhat narrower train sets and run at lower speeds after branching off from the Tohoku Shinkansen.

Train Departure Schedule

  • 2020 : April - June , July - September , October - December
  • 2021 : January - March , April - June , July - September , October - December

Places Covered

Tokyo, Aomori


Rail Fare only.