El Transcantábrico

El Transcantábrico

  • Region : Europe
  • Type : Luxury Trains
  • Traveller Interest : Panoramic Vistas
  • Introduction / History
  • Accommodation
  • Dining / Lounge

The 52-passenger El Transcantábrico luxury train has been delighting passengers since 1983, travelling through Cantabria, Castile, Asturia and the extraordinary Picos de Europa. Whether going from Santiago de Compostela to León, or reverse, the magic of northern Spain awaits the traveller from the lands of Castile and León, to the shores of the Bay of Biscay. All the beauty of 'Green Spain', with its landscapes and monuments and the delights of its unrivalled gastronomy awaits travellers on this incredible hotel on wheels. The focus of this journey is to learn the culture of Northern Spain through its food and wine.

In May, 2011, a new luxury service, called Gran Lujo, was inaugurated.

Suites on the Clásico Train 
All compartments have private, ensuite toilet, sink and shower (with sauna-hydro massage), mini-bar, closet and desk. All rooms have double beds (not queen size); some also have an upper twin-sized bunk. Overnights are spent in quiet sidings. This is a narrow-gauge train; therefore, the sleeping accommodations are diminutive. Air conditioning and heating are individually controlled. 

Deluxe Suites on Gran Lujo
Each Deluxe Suite on the El Transcantábrico Gran Lujo has a 150×200 cm bed and some suites have the option of two individual beds. The suites also have a computer (and wi-fi), a convertible sofa, TFT TV, DVD player, a game console and a large bathroom with sauna and hydro-massage. This new "Suite Privilege” is built entirely with noble wood. It occupies almost half the train car and can also accommodate 3 people. The Gran Lujo suites are approximately 129 square feet. Air conditioning and heating are individually controlled. This train can accommodate only 28 travellers.
The four lounge carriages of El Transcantábrico are the most unusual and beautiful places on the train. They are veritable rail treasures that are much admired owing to their exquisite design, their finish and the interior decorations. 

 One of the lounge carriages has a bar and dance floor. This is the "pub carriage", decorated and lit like a small night-club, where lively entertainment is provided every night until the early hours of the morning. Another lounge carriage also has a bar where you can sit back and have a quiet drink. The other two lounges are for other quieter forms of entertainment, such as reading, enjoying a board game with your fellow passengers, talking or watching the passing scenery through the big picture windows. Passengers are offered daily newspapers, magazines, a collection of books from the library, television and videos; all that you need to make your journey a pleasure.

Most of the dining is in restaurants, not on the train. All meals and wine are included. Drinks served outside of meal times, however, are additional.