• Region : Europe
  • Type : High Speed Trains
  • Traveller Interest : Family TimeA Need for speed
  • Introduction / History
  • Accommodation
  • Dining / Lounge
Eurostar is a high-speed rail service that connects London to Paris and Brussels. Since 1994 Eurostar high-speed trains have been redefining travel between Britain and the Continent.  Eurostar trains reach top speeds of up to 186mph, keeping journey times at about two hours for a 495km journey thanks to the engineering marvel that is the Channel Tunnel (The Chunnel).

The best way to travel between the heart of London and Paris or Brussels, Eurostar trains carry more travellers between its destinations than all airlines travelling these routes. And that’s not surprising, considering Eurostar’s city center terminals, record-breaking travel times, choice of frequent departures and comfortable classes of service catering to all budgets and the unique needs of the modern traveller. A brief 20 minutes is spent in the Chunnel, the rest of the time is spent speeding through Kent in England and the countryside of northern France. Eurostar also connects with rail services to over 100 destinations across Europe.
The Eurostar is a day train. There are 3 types of seating options:
Standard Class (Second Class) 
The Standard Class offers comfortable seating. Check in is 30 minutes prior to departure. (For an even faster check-in you can download the mobile app from the website) Food is available for purchase on board in the 2 café-bars. 

Standard Premier (First Class for Leisure Travel) 
Standard Premier tickets are semi-flexible. Check in is 30 minutes prior to departure. (For an even faster check-in you can download the mobile app from the website) Standard Premier has exclusive standard premier carriages where you can plug your phone or laptop into an on-board power socket, or pick a complimentary magazine from the rack and relax in your large, comfortable seat. A light meal and drinks are served at your seat. 

Business Premier (First Class for Business Travel)
Business Premier tickets are flexible for up to two months and offer a boarding guarantee with fast-track check in. If you're running early or late and wish to travel on a different train on the same day as your original booking, we guarantee to find you a seat, even if Business Premier is full. There is space to work in a large setting, at seat power sockets, newspapers and magazines on board. Business Class Premier Passengers have access to a Business Class Premier Lounge with wi-fi access throughout the lounge. Business Premier has exclusive business premier carriages. Exclusive meals and a selection of drinks are served on your seat.
Business Class Premier passengers have the option of availing a chauffeur service.
Standard Class passengers have access to 2 café-bar cars on board the train where there is a variety of food and drinks for sale. 

For those in Standard premier, the staff on board will serve drinks and a cold meal at your seat. Before 11am this includes breakfast pastries, yoghurt, juice and tea or coffee to get your day off to a fresh start. Through the rest of the day, there is a selection of three taster dishes with soft drinks, wine or beer, plus tea or coffee. Special and child-friendly meals are also available, but should be requested for at the time of booking.
In Business premier, the staff on board serve you at your seat, a delicious meal suited to your time of travel and created with the help of the Gastronomic Ambassador, Alain Roux. If you’re travelling in the morning you can choose the express breakfast option, offering you an even quicker high energy way to start your day’s work. There is also the option of selecting special meals, which should be requested for at the time of booking.