Majestic Imperator

Majestic Imperator

  • Region : Europe
  • Type : Luxury Trains
  • Traveller Interest : Cultural Experiences
  • Introduction / History
  • Accommodation
  • Dining / Lounge
To travel by luxury steam train a century ago, through the scenic splendor and the ancient cities of Europe was to savour life at its finest - to feel and sense something intangible and unforgettable. Lavishly designed for the nobility of Europe, the trains recall an era when craftsmen labuored for the sake of excellence and reputation, and when those who were endowed with life's privileges were not averse to showing it. It was this quest for perfection that led to one of the most stunning palaces on wheels ever, the Imperial train of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. A century after the original train was built, a team of train lovers set out to recreate this lost piece of history. Once again, the Majestic Imperator Train de Luxe is rolling across Central Europe.
Treat yourself to a travel experience on a magnificent train based on the original designs of the imperial train of Hapsburg court. The Majestic Train journeys past vineyards, historically significant stations and glides to Retz in the north of Lower Austria, accompanied by unforgettable Viennese waltzes delivered through a quality Bose sound system.
Enjoy an unforgettable culinary journey including an exclusive four course dinner created by the celebrity chef Christian Petz. The Majestic Imperator travels to such treasures as Salzburg, Munich, Prague, Budapest, Venice and all the scenic towns and villages in between.
The Majestic Imperator is an evening train, meant for dinner and dancing. There is no accommodation on board the train.
The comfortable compartments and the extravagant furnishings contributed to the marvellous experience, just like the impeccable service at the dazzling dinners with their culinary highlights. The train has 7 luxury carriages. 

The Ambassador Car seats up to 36 guests for fine dining and features a beautiful piano bar. Part of the original curtain of the Emperor’s balcony at the Vienna State Opera is prominently displayed, featuring the hand woven crest of the Monarch.

The Salon Elisabeth has 24 dining seats in the salon and 24 luxury seats in 4 private compartments and is named after the legendary Empress Elisabeth, lovingly known as "Sissy”. The original curtain from the Emperor’s balcony in the Vienna State Opera hangs in the Salon, with freshwater pearls from the Danube.

The Equipage salon, which is a bar and a ballroom, seats 36 guests. The curtains are the same as at the Schönbrunn Castle, the summer residence of the Hapsburg rulers. Tables and chairs can be moved as required, for lectures, a ballroom dance floor or other arrangement of choice. 

The Excelsior carriage has dining, a bar & dance floor, with 360 degree panoramic views. It replicates a carriage in the original Imperial Train. Excelsior seats up to 43 guests for dining. There is a bar and a dance floor with a BOSE music system. The original mirror of Empress Elisabeth’s carriage hangs in Excelsior.

Salon I has 14 seats in a coffee-house style salon and an additional 18 seats in 3 luxury compartments, known as "Gemütlichkeit”, for which Austria’s coffee-houses are famous. It has a piano bar. This carriage is the oldest, built in 1905 by the company which built the original Imperial Train.

The Court Salon Carriage contains ten compartments, each of which seats six people comfortably and in style.