The Blue Train

The Blue Train

  • Region : Africa
  • Type : Luxury Trains
  • Traveller Interest : Cultural Experiences
  • Introduction / History
  • Accommodation
  • Dining / Lounge
The Blue Train is one of the world’s great luxury trains, and runs eight times a month between Pretoria and Cape Town. For over half a century South Africa's Blue Train has had an international reputation as one of the world's supreme traveling experiences. Take a journey into an eternal world of magnificence, beauty and romance, where stunning scenery tickels your imagination and luxurious comfort soothes your body and soul. Sit back, enjoy and relax on this 1600km journey through some of the most diverse and awe-inspiring scenery the African subcontinent has to offer. 

There are two Blue Train sets. The first train accommodates 74 guests in 37 suites. The second accommodates 58 guests in 29 suites and also has a conference or observation car at the back of the train. 
Each suite on board the Blue Train has its own bathroom with either a shower or bath. There are two luxury coaches  having three suites with bathrooms fitted with tubs. The other nine De Luxe coaches have four suites per coach. The beds have been designed tactfully according to The Blue Train. A butler pulls them out, already made, from a space in the suite wall and the lounge gets converted into a comfortable bedroom. From an elegant lounge during the day it transforms into an inviting and comfortable bedroom during the night. And of course, all this is accompanied by the ever changing scenery of the countryside. White cotton sheets and down duvets are the typical linen found throughout the train. Ten of the suites feature double beds on the first train, while there are nine on the second. Guests on The Blue Train receive special branded gifts at the end of the journey.

Deluxe Suites 

There are nine De Luxe coaches on the first train and eight on the train with the conference car. The De Luxe coaches have four suites per coach; one suite with a bath and the others with showers. The De Luxe suites feature either twin beds with a shower, or double beds with a bathtub and handheld shower.

Luxury Suites

The luxury suites are slightly bigger and the double-bed suites offer deep, long baths for slow, luxuriant soaking where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. The suites take the choice of radio and movie channels to the next level by including a private digital entertainment centre and an exclusive selection of music CDs and big-screen movies on DVD.
The Blue Train experience is a feast for all the senses and this is particularly true for the dining car. The dining experience lives up to its 5 star experience with meals tastefully prepared with freshest of local ingredients served on delicate crystal or fine china. Along with delicious cuisine, what adds to the atmosphere of the train is a delightful selection of background music ranging from classical jazz to the melodious tones of the Soweto String Quartet. 

The dining car provides seating for 42 people. There are two sittings for lunch and dinner. Lunch is smart-casual, while dinner is a formal affair with jacket and tie for the men and elegant wear for the ladies. Breakfast is casual.  
The kitchen car is a work of art of stainless-steel design. The fully air-conditioned car features walk-in cool rooms and freezers, which ensure that wines and hors d'oeuvres remain at optimum temperatures.

Each of the Blue Trains has two lounges: the main lounge car in which high tea is served each afternoon, and the club car where guests can relax and enjoy a post-dinner cognac. The club car is the only public area available for smoking.