The Deccan Odyssey

The Deccan Odyssey

  • Region : India
  • Type : Luxury Trains
  • Traveller Interest : Cultural Experiences
  • Introduction / History
  • Accommodation
  • Dining / Lounge


Gear yourselves for an experience of grandeur and luxury on the land of the mighty Marathas which stands true to their glorious past and rich heritage. Welcome to the enticing Maharashtra experience aboard the lavish DECCAN ODYSSEY. Each journey is an exploration of the exotic landscapes and the timeless traditions of this region. History unfolds as the train makes its way through varying regions and its charming rural countryside. Explore the royal cities which still cherish the wealth and grandeur of the palaces, the traditions and culinary wonders of the villages and cities well preserved over centuries.  This luxurious weeklong tour includes a number of exotic destinations encompassing the enormous expanse of Maharashtra along with a touch of Goa - Mumbai, Ganpatipule, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Goa, Pune, Aurangabad, Ajanta and Ellora. 

The train is equipped with modern amenities and is appropriately supported by flawless hospitality. With facilities such as restaurants, bar, fitness center and wellness spa, LCD television with satellite channels and 24 hour personal assistance, a royal experience attracts to please and embrace you into its awe-inspiring appeal aboard the Deccan Odyssey train.

Experience the finest and the best of train journeys of the world. The Deccan Odyssey is much more than just a luxury train cruise. It is an experience of a lifetime. Welcome aboard!

Out of the 21 luxurious coaches, there are 11 passenger cars and 2 presidential suites for accommodation in the deluxe Deccan Odyssey. The passenger cars have 4 coupes each whereas the presidential suites have two coupes each. Attached washrooms with running hot and cold water, intercom, channel music, CD/MP3 players, wall-to-wall carpeting and other such facilities are provided in the accommodation area of the train. Each passenger car has a lounge with a plasma TV installed for the entertainment. Each Presidential Suite has a living room, bedroom, and attached toilet. Each deluxe guest cabin has wall-to-wall carpeting, air conditioning, and attached toilet with showers, LCD television, personal safe, telephone and personal attendant. Comfortable sleeping and all-encompassing windows add to the sumptuousness of an absolute luxury ride aboard this train.

Each coach is intricately designed to replicate the imperial panache of a particular era and time of the Maratha region, under the sovereignty of different empires. The design of the coaches gives the royal look of the private carriages of the kings. The cabins also feature traditional furnishing elements with the perfect blend of modern amenities and grandeur.  The train also has a conference car and two restaurant cars. There is also a lounge/bar car and one amazing addition is a Spa Car. Apart from the above there are generator cars with luggage store and staff car or spare car.

There are 2 restaurants available with an appetizing selection of succulent treats. The charming interiors of the restaurant also leave the guests aboard astounded. The menu includes a huge assortment of Indian and international cuisines. Thus, the platter presented to the guests is all done by professional chefs. The staffs also make sure of impeccable service along with creating the magic of the royal era. The award-winning Taj Hotels and Palaces catering staff is appointing in the dining cars of the Deccan Odyssey.

  • Peshwa I
  • Peshwa II
  • Mumbai Hi is the onsite bar equipped with a host of beverage selections such as wines, spirits, and several non alcoholic drinks as well.