London to Brussels (or vice versa)

  • Train : Eurostar
  • Duration : Scenic Day Trips
London to Brussels (or vice versa)
Journey Highlights
  • Relaxing and pleasant option of travel
  • Scenic countryside
  • Quick journey of approximately 2 hours
  • Fast and convenient check-in
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A best option for someone wanting to travel from London to Brussels is to travel by Eurostar trains. Eurostar journeys are more relaxing and less time consuming and also extremely economical. The main Eurostar terminals in the UK are Ashford, London St. Pancras and Ebbsfleet. The Eurostar London Brussels Train with a top speed of 186mph, one of the fastest routes between two cities. Moreover, its city centre to centre.

Train Departure Schedule

  • 2020 : January - March , April - June , July - September , October - December

Places Covered

London, Calais, Lille, Brussels
Daily trains.
Departure every 3 hours in either direction.


Rail fare only