Majestic Imperator

Steam Train to the Midsummer Festival in the Wachau

  • Journey name: Steam Train to the Midsummer Festival in the Wachau  
  • Duration: Scenic Day Trips


Travel with us – like back in the Imperial Times – with the steam train to Spitz an der Donau! Enjoy the full indulgence programme, starting off with a champagne reception and a four course meal with selected Viennese specialities, followed by an unforgettable experience at the Midsummer Festival on the banks of the Danube, including fireworks that will light up the evening sky of the Wachau!

Train Departure Schedule:

2016 : April - June

Journey Dates:

  • 2016 Departures



Places Covered:

Vienna, Wachau

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  • Champagne/Wine reception at platform 5 at railway station Franz Josef , Vienna
  • Train ride to Spitz a. d. Donau with the Majestic Imperator Imperial Train
  • Four course menu
  • Fireworks and Midsummer Festival at the banks of the Danube
  • Snacks on the return journey
  • Travel in Old Classic Style 
  • Experience a Champagne/Wine reception at the railway station 
  • Enjoy fireworks & Summer festivities on the Danube
  • Enjoy a four course menu on board the train