Qinghai Tibet Railway

Xian to Lhasa

  • Journey name: Xian to Lhasa  
  • Duration: Scenic Day Trips


The Qinghai-Tibet railway is the highest altitude railway in the world. You'll witness thousands of miles of unrivalled landscapes. At present, there is no train originating from Xian to Lhasa, but there are several trains that make stops in Xian, such as the trains from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing to Lhasa. Therefore, it is less easy to get a train ticket to Lhasa in Xian. Besides, the ticket quota allocation for Xian would be extremely small. You would be able to get a ticket from Shanghai to Lhasa, but might not be able to get one from Xian to Lhasa.

Train Departure Schedule:

2015 : January - March , April - June , July - September , October - December

Journey Dates:

  • Daily

Places Covered:

Xian, Lhasa

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Rail Fare only.
The train fare does not include meals, so you need to pay the food in the train, a normal breakfast will cost you about 10RMB and a lunch or dinner 20-30RMB. Drinking water is free.

Route Map

  • Unique and wonderful scenery
  • Special sightseeing windows on board and scenery viewing platforms 
  • Comfortable accommodation to suit every budget
  • Oxygen supplier on board for those who feel light-headed